"xmas" للحصول على خصم 30٪ على مجموعة اللعب الأولى استخد كود الحسم "xmas" احتفل بالموسم بخصم 30٪ على مجموعة اللعب الأولى. استخدم الكود

About Us

Every parent wants the best for their child, and to raise the next happy, successful and conscious generation.

This makes parenting the biggest responsibility there is.
When my daughter Layla was born, I restlessly looked for ways in which I could best support her development journey. I read of many curriculums and methodologies until I found the one that resonates most with the needs of my daughter, and the needs of every child. The Montessori philosophy places the child at the center of becoming a holistic being, allowing them to lead and self direct their learning.

I knew Montessori to be a curriculum for school aged children, but little did I know that Montessori starts at birth, even before! This was a vital finding as research tells us that 90% of the brain is formed by age 5, and 85% of the brain is formed by age 3. Making the early years, the most critical ones.

This put a tremendous amount of pressure on me and my husband as new parents, as we needed to become educators and enablers for our daughter.
We read many Montessori books to best support Layla from the very start, and sourced the material from all over the world. This was a hefty endeavor that consumed time and energy, so we decided to make it simple for all the other parents out there who also want the best for their children.

With the help of Montessori teachers and experts, we compiled Montessori teachings for every stage and packaged it with the developmental material and toys Dr. Montessori designed to compliment these teachings.

Our hope is that we make the biggest responsibility in the world - parenting - just a bit easier.
For all the parents around the world, this is from us to you.
Aziza & Ayham