Give a refugee child a chance for a better start

Together, we make play possible for families who need a little happiness. We help kids who are dealing with poverty, statelessness, and lack of access to education. Our partner nonprofit receives 10% of profits from each purchase through Montiplay. Read on to see what makes this program special.

When you buy from Montiplay, you educate a child in Lebanon

We're on a mission to provide access to education for every child especially those less fortunate and those in marginalized communities. 
Lebanon has undergone a tragedy of unimaginable magnitude.

We want to help provide refugee children with a safe and stable learning environment amidst this chaos, your purchase from Montiplay for your beloved child will help us provide for another child less fortunate. 

Join the mission

Meet famous Montessorians

Did you know that some of the most successful personalities we know are Montessorians?
To name a few -

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon
Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google Founders
Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia
Gabriel García Márquez, Colombian novelist
Beyonce, Artist
YoYoma, Cellist
George Clooney, Actor
Dakota Fanning, Actress
Prince Willam and Harry

Why Montiplay

Quality material
We chose to give your child original Montessori material made from wood and metal instead of plastic replicas because:
* It shows your child that you value them by offering quality material instead of plastic. 
* When your child grows, they will respect your choice to keep our planet free from toxins. 
* Your child's senses will benefit greatly from touching material found in nature. 

Science backed
Our learning material, unlike toys in the market, have a specific developmental purpose for the child. They are 'passive' requiring the child to perform an action through which learning happens - as opposed to 'active' toys which are battery powered and render the child a passive audience with no space for learning or development (like screens!).

Empowers children and parents alike
Our content and videos are targeted towards PARENTS and caregivers, giving them an insight into the science of child brain development taught in top institutions so they could become the child's best teachers. 

Why Montessori?

The Montessori Method addresses your child’s cognitive, physical, linguistic, social, and emotional development. Researchers have long recognized the many benefits of Montessori, where “learning how to learn” is the best foundation for success.

The Montessori Method fosters rigorous, self-motivated growth; it is student-led and self-paced but guided, assessed, and enriched by knowledgeable and caring teachers, the leadership of their peers, and a nurturing environment. 

Montessori homes and classrooms are immediately recognizable. You will see children working independently and in groups, often with specially designed learning materials; deeply engaged in their work; and respectful of themselves and their surroundings.

Before nursery, there's Montiplay

The first three years of life are a critical period in brain development. Our expert-designed program enables parents and caregivers to prepare an authentic Montessori environment from the very start.

Frequently asked questions

You asked, we answered

Why are you expensive?

1. Our toys are made of quality wood, not plastic.

2. We're not a toy subscription company, we're an 'at-home' education curriculum helping parents offer their children useful methods and materials for their future learning development. 

3. By subscribing to our program, you will become proficient in the Montessori method and learn about the material that is usually only taught in official Montessori institutions to professionals in children's development.

Why are your prices in USD?

We're based out of Dubai, UAE.

Our prices appear in USD because the digital tools we use to run our platform are not yet available in the UAE. 

So when we set up our shop and the system asked us to select our country, the UAE was not listed. 

It's like not having WhatsApp or Facebook in the country, all we can do is select another country until the UAE becomes available. 

Can we buy a single toy?

Montiplay toys are sold as part of our educational program. 

Our team of child development professionals advise parents to allow children to learn over time in order to see results in their child's development.

We provide a set of toys with timelines, guides, and videos backed up by decades of research from experts in education and Montessori educators.

We do host giveaways on our Instagram, follow us to enter!

Where do you ship to?

We cover the Arab region and can custom ship to Turkey, Egypt and the Far East.
Other regions coming soon!

Can I gift a subscription?

We have the option to purchase a gift card on our website for a toy set, book subscription or any value you decide. 

What if I already have some items?

1. Send us photos of the item. 
2. Donate it to a less fortunate child. <3 
3. Receive a new replacement.